The Tulare County Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) supports many one-time and ongoing conservation projects. Some are listed below:

Technical Assistance for Forest Health and EQIP Funding

2019 - 2020

The RCD will provide technical assistance to private non-industrial forest landowners in the form of site visits, creation of forest management plans, and promote participation in the NRCS EQIP funding through the RCPP program.  Technical assistance will be provided in coordination with on-going forest health efforts in the district.

Technical Assistance for Climate Smart Grants

2018 - 2020

Through the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the RCD provides technical assistance to the public for project development, application and submission assistance for Climate Smart Agricultural grants.

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection - Forest Management Projects

2018 - 2020

These projects are funded by the California Green House Gas Reduction Fund under the Cal-Fire California Climate Investment / Fire Prevention Program. The RCD was awarded nine projects by Cal-Fire for various types of fuel management projects. A compete list of these projects can be found here.

Natural Association of Conservation Districts assistance to NRCS

2018 - 2019

This funding supported a half-time EQIP Technician at NRCS.  A local College student was hired by the RCD and received excellent on-the-job training through this program.

California Association of Conservation District Capacity Building

2017 - 2019

This funding gave the Tulare County RCD the opportunity to develop and help fund seven different tree motility projects in Tulare County.

NRCS Cooperative Agreement for Forest Services

2016 - 2019

The Tulare County RCD provides NRCS with Licensed Forester services, as needed, for tree mortality practice.

NRCS Cooperative Agreement for Cultural Resource Services

2015 - 2019

Tulare County RCD provides NRCS with archaeologists, as needed, as well as Information Center Services, which are required by their Forestry practices.

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